Ask Away

The closest we suggest is a bikes length away. If the rider in front is a beginner, slow down no one likes a show off, and kindly ask to pass.

Yeah, we suggest starting on Stollercoaster. There are no features, plenty of rest stops, and a very easy slope to the trails!

Yes, but they are marked and only found on black and double black diamond trails. Greens and blues will have feature ride arounds!

Howler is ridden best on mid to big travel bikes, even DH bikes! The minimum rear travel we suggest is 150 if you’re wanting to have a blast on everything we offer!

On our website or at the Welcome Center at Basecamp.

The annual pass will last exactly one full year from the time of purchase.

Nope! Private lessons and coaching could result in a permanent ban from the Park. No one wants that.

Yes, but you are responsible for the dog and whatever it drops at all times, and dogs are not allowed on the shuttle. Also if the dog becomes a nuisance to other guests or droppings are not picked up and disposed of properly, you and your furry friend will be asked to leave.

Every kid is different, so that is up to the parent. Although our green is very mellow with no features, it is still a gravity trail that might be too much for a lil’ ripper.

Depends on how you feel about your face. They are not mandatory, but we do encourage them. We have full-face rentals at Mountain Movement in Basecamp.

Of Course! Rain or shine you can shred the gnar, however, be mindful of trail closings! If thunder and lightning roll in sadly you will have to park it. If the shuttle has only been running for two hours or less “Shred On Us” passes will be issued for a free day pass

Seriously? Have you met the Howler?? If he hasn’t snatched it up, all lost items will be kept in a safe place for 30 days.

Heck No! Howler is a place for mountain bikers to rip freely!

Yes, crazy! You will still have to pay the same price, and stay on the designated uphill access trail, but hey if getting to the top quickly with full breath isn’t your thing, knock yourself out.

Not a chance! For the safety and privacy of other rippers, drones will not be permitted for guest use.

Absolutely not! Any meddling with trails or features or any unapproved features, lines, or trails built will result in a permanent ban from the park.