Beginner’s Guide

Let's Get Your Shred On!


New to mountain biking? No worries!
We’ve got all the information you need and then some.

We’ve Got You Covered

What will I need?

Mountain biking at Howler Bike Park is very simple; all you need is yourself! If you want to get into the sport, we can take some of the challenges off your plate. We offer rental bikes, helmets, and protective gear to give you an awesome day on the mountain. Make sure you book in advance here. 

We’ve Got You Covered

Where to start?

Once you are in Basecamp and checked in, make your way to the Shuttle Line. Once you are at the peak, please familiarize yourself with our trail map. Strollercoaster is tailor-made for beginner riders. It’s so fun you can ride it all day!

We’ve Got You Covered

Safety Concerns?

Safety is a top priority here at Howler Bike Park. Take everything at your own pace, and remember to have fun! Park staff is always available for questions or help if needed. To ensure your safety read up on our safety policy and rules.

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